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Restoration Project
Dennis E in 1996
One of the Dennis E in 1996

Why restoration is vital

THE UNIQUE discovery of two 1928 buses (OT 8592 & OT 8898) in a Hampshire field provides the opportunity to restore a slice of local transport history.

The fact that the restoration process will be carried out side-by-side will ensure that both buses are returned to the road as soon as possible, which will be a unique feature of this project. Built for Aldershot & District by local manufacture Dennis Bros, this project is an outstanding opportunity to secure and resur-rect an important piece of South West Surrey and North Hampshire history.

Two vintage buses and the body of another from the 1920's which where currently rotting hulks are to be returned to their former glory. Both vehicles were owned by Aldershot & District, and are the oldest surviving A&D buses. They were found together in a field at Four Marks, Hampshire and are a unique find.

They were delivered in 1928 and operated by the 'Tracco', as the Aldershot Company was affectionately known, for eight years until 1936.

Dennis E's in 1936
The two Dennis E's and the body OT932 (Dennis 4 ton) from 1926 in the field at Four Marks, the winter of 1936

They were withdrawn from service and sold to King and Taylor, Godalming. Then passing from the Surrey dealer to the Warn Family from Shalford in 1938 who moved them to Four Marks, where they have sat ever since.

They were used as holiday homes for many years, laying derelict for the last ten years.

Warn family with one of the Dennis E in 1954
Happy summers for the Warn family in 1954
Dennis E's late 50's early 60's
The two Dennis E's on a summer day in the late 50's or early 60's Note the well kept lawn

The two buses have be moved to under cover accommodation where work will be undertaken on the vehicles to return them to the condition that they were delivered in when new but unfortunately the body of OT932 had suffer from the weather over the years and just broke up when it was moved.

The Dennis E was manufactured by Dennis Bros at Guildford and powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine, capable of 20 MPH. The wooden framed bodies are in reasonably good condition considering that they have been static for more than 50 years.

An engine and cab front are available to help the restoration of one of the vehicles, and rotted panels can be copied from good ones on the other vehicle.

A support group has been formed, along with a committee to control the restoration. Since the vehicles were discovered work has been carried out apace to discover and then gain ownership of them and there are now on the Aldershot & District Omnibuses Rescue & restoration Society list.

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